How to reach Xi'an, Shaanxi, China

    You can choose several options to arrive to Xi'an.

    1. Take a plane to Xi'an Xianyang International Airport. Airport flight information can be queried here
    2. Take a train to Xi’an Railway Station. Train tickets and tickets can be booked through or, For more information please see: :

    How to reach Xi’an Xiangyang Airport by flights:

    You can book a ticket from your city to Xi an Xiangyang (XIY) airport online. There are many options for the ticket-booking carriers.

    From most of cities in Europe and America, there is a necessary one stop to reach Xi an Xiangyang airport, except for Paris and Moscow. Commonly, there is a stop in Paris, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Moscow, Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo and many other cities. You can reach Xi an Xiangyang airport without any stop from most of cities in China.

    There are many possible airline routes to reach Xi’an. The following routes are commonly used, but not limited to

    1. Singapore: Singapore-Xi’an; Singapore-Beijing-Xi’an; Singapore-Guangzhou-Xi’an
    2. South Korean: Soeoul-Xi’an; Soeoul-Beijing-Xi’an
    3. Japan: Tokoy-Xi’an; Tokoy-Beijing-Xi’an
    4. Spain: Madrid-Beijing-Xi’an; Madrid-Paris-Xi'an
    5. Germany: Frankfurt-Shanghai-Xi’an; Berlin-Beijing-Xi’an
    6. France: Paris-Xi'an; Paris-Beijing-Xi’an
    7. United States: Seattle-Beijing-Xi’an; New York-Beijing-Xi’an
    8. Brazil: Sao Paulo-Paris-Xi'an

    How to reach the recommend hotel

    The hotel is located in No.10 Tangyan South Road, Yanta, 710065 Xi'an, China, You can choose several options to arrive to the hotel.

    If you start from Xi'an Xianyang International Airport, The airport is approximately 48 km from the hotel.

    1. By taxi: the journey takes ca 40 minutes and cost 125RMB (approx.).
    2. By Shuttle BUS: the journey takes ca 89 minutes and cost 25RMB (approx.).

    If you start from the Xi’an Railway Station. The Station is approximately 16.9 km from the hotel.

    1. By taxi: the journey takes ca 49 minutes and cost 41RMB (approx.).
    2. By bus: the journey takes ca 129 minutes and cost 2RMB.For more information please see Click