ER 2018 Workshops

  1. Emp-ER (Empirical Methods in Conceptual Modeling) by Sotirios Liaskos and Jennifer Horkoff.
  2. MoBiD (Modeling and Management of Big Data) by Il-Yeol Song, Juan Trujillo, Jesus Peral, and Alejandro Mate.
  3. MREBA (conceptual modeling in requirements and business analysis) by Jennifer Horkoff, Renata Guizzardi, and Jelena Zdravkovic.
  4. QMMQ (Quality of Models and Models of Quality) by Samira Si-said Cherfi, Beatriz Marin, and Oscar Pastor.
  5. Characterizing the Field of Conceptual Modelling by Oscar Pastor, Lois Delcambre, Veda Storey.